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Get Your Smile Makeover and Smile Wider

How To Know If You Are A Good Candidate for Cosmetic Dentistry Are you in love with your smile? Is there anything about it that you would change? Imagine if you could… Fix chipped or cracked teeth Make your teeth just a little whiter Correct a stubbornly crooked tooth Reduce the appearance of your gums … Continued

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal: When Should You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

What are impacted wisdom teeth and do YOU need to get yours removed? Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a mouthful of pain and dental problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and serious infection. Learn what to expect before, during and after your impacted wisdom teeth removal right now.

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How To Overcome Your Dental Anxiety And Make Future Trips To The Dentist A Little Less Scary

Discover Practical Tips For How You Can Make Your Next Dental Visit More Enjoyable For You And Your Kids Do you or your child ever dread visiting the dentist? We’ve all been there, right? The dental chair can be a scary place for some: the bright shining light, a stranger’s hands in your mouth, all … Continued

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Can Poor Oral Health Lead to Poor Brain Health, Dementia or Worse?

Are you at risk of developing dementia due to poor oral health habits? Did you know bad dental hygiene can lead to poor brain health? Don’t let this happen to you. Find out how poor dental health impacts brain health. Plus, how you can prevent dementia & other brain complications from happening to you.

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Your Comprehensive Guide To Brushing Your Teeth “The Right Way”

The Do’s and Don’ts of Brushing Your Teeth Are you ready to learn how to brush your teeth in the right way? If you think you’re already a tooth brushing rockstar, guess again. We bet you don’t know at least one of these teeth brushing pointers we’re about to share with you. In this article, … Continued

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