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Modern Dentist in Leander

One of the pillars of Apple Springs Family Dentistry is to provide modern dentistry using state-of-the-art tools and dental technology. With our leading-edge equipment, we can meet higher standards of dental care.

Intraoral Camera

We love being able to bring our patients into the treatment process so they can make more informed decisions regarding their oral health. Intraoral cameras are handy tools to do just that!

With an intraoral camera, we can take images of your teeth and project them onto a computer or TV screen for you to see. We’re also able to magnify these photos to get a detailed view of any issues. This wand-like device serves as a great patient education tool as well as a way to document and track your dental health.

Isolite® System

We understand that keeping your mouth open for an extended period of time while we work is not the most comfortable thing in the world. But with the Isolite® system, we can make your experience in the dental chair more relaxing and save time on our end.

The Isolite system works by letting you rest your jaw, illuminating your mouth, and suctioning out moisture. All in all, this means that you’ll be kept comfortable while we’ll be able to work more efficiently.

Soft Tissue Laser

Did you know that lasers are actually a very effective dental tool? They are also safe and extremely precise. With soft tissue lasers, we’re able to treat periodontal disease and reshape gum tissue.

One of the biggest advantages of using soft tissue lasers is that they don’t require drilling, scalpels, or sutures, offering a minimally invasive and therefore much more relaxed procedure for the patient.

Digital X-rays with Nomad

Digital X-rays have many benefits over their traditional counterparts. We get high-quality images much faster and without any chemical processing, which leads to faster and more accurate diagnoses. They also emit less radiation, keeping you safer in the dental chair.

At Apple Springs Family Dentistry, we have the Nomad hand-held X-ray machine. This device allows us to save even more time while taking X-rays and reduce radiation exposure.

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